You could always make your honey a naked Heart Collage for V Day

The first thing my husband said when he was helping me test Heart Collage was “You should do a naked one.” Guys… Actually, it had already occurred to me that couples could have a little fun with this app… I will neither confirm nor deny whether I took him up on his suggestion. (But these are the first online pictures of my new hair. I chopped off 14 inches of hair yesterday and I went platinum. Hormones, most likely.)

You don’t need help to use the app (I just wanted my husband to come play with me). You do need a front-facing camera. You prop your phone somewhere, start the timer, and each frame that appears is overlaid with a red line showing you how to line your body (or bodies or whatever) up. When the screen says EMPTY, step out of the frame (I messed that up the first time). When it’s all over, the app makes your collage for you, and you can share it privately or publicly or not at all.

Nothing says you have to make a heart either. If you’re the creative type, you could do all kinds of interesting things with this.

The one thing I couldn’t figure out was how to delete collages you don’t want stored in the app. If you’re getting naughty, that’s something you’d probably want to do. (I contacted Chiu-Ki, the young woman who created the app, and she told me to press and hold the thumbnail of the collage you want to delete.)

screenshot Heart Collage app reviewscreenshot Heart Collage app reviewscreenshot Heart Collage app reviewscreenshot Heart Collage app review
Devices: iOS, Android
Cost: $0.99
Heart Collage on the App Store
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14. February 2013 by Pam
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  1. I love the hair…sort of reminds me of Anne Lennox. Very cool!

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