When you’re really really really down, you need a LifeCharge

When your life is falling to pieces and you’re losing hope and losing your grip, what do you do? “Count your blessings,” some people say, and you know just where you’d like them to stick their blessings. Have you been there? I’m there.

So a couple weeks ago an app developer contacted me to tell me about his new app, LifeCharge. He compared the concept to Mr Mood (which I used for a while, but I had so many sad faces I think I was making things worse). Unlike Mr Mood, LifeCharge lets you keep track of the specific things that happen in your day, good and bad, and it adds up your points to tell you your daily “charge.” It takes no time at all, and the app is so clean and simple it’s a pleasure to add your notes.

The first day I tried it I had a massive margarita hangover. Maybe not the best day to start. The only positive I could come up with that day was that it wasn’t freezing outside. (You probably know how I feel about Paris weather by now.)

Then the other day I read this article about trying to focus on three positive things a day to train your brain to be happier, which my French husband promptly scoffed at all over Twitter (the French heart their misery).

But seriously, if there’s a storm, you put up shutters, if there’s a flood, you put up sandbags… When you’re in pain, you have a hard time seeing the good stuff, and maybe focusing on little spots of brightness can help you weather your storm. Or not. But when it’s this bad, you gotta have something to cling to. So I picked up LifeCharge again. And now it’s on my iPhone’s home page.

We’re talking survival here, people. (I learned shortly after publishing this that the developer had created LifeCharge to help himself get through a tough time. So there you go.)

They made this app so you can track both the good and the bad, but at the moment I’m only interested in focusing on the good. Sandbags, ya know.

The home screen has a little empty battery just waiting for you to charge it. If that dark minimalist default screen is too sad (or too dude), you can choose from some pretty backgrounds and inspirational phrases, like I did.

Tap the plus sign and you’ll get a space to add details. Tap the little + on the bottom for 1 point, the middle + for 3, and the big + for 9! (FaceTime with my kid, whom I haven’t seen in over three years, is a big plus.) If you tap the minus sign on the home page, same idea, plus a sympathy message. :-) Tap the little calendar at the bottom right of that space to choose a date other than today.

If you tap the battery, you can see the history of your notes and your daily battery charge for a week. Tap an entry to edit, delete or share it on Twitter, etc. (Don’t tap the X to close that editing/sharing bar! It’ll delete your entry. Just tap outside of the bar to escape it.)

Tap the gear icon on the home page to configure some things. For example, you can create a password so any old body who opens the app can’t read your notes, you can turn the daily reminder on or off, and you can export all your notes and send them to yourself by e-mail.

They’ll soon be coming out with a new version that will let you add pics to your notes (can’t wait!), and other good stuff. I would like to be able to add my own inspirational message to the home page so I can change it to match my mood swings.

LifeCharge app reviewLifeCharge app reviewLifeCharge app reviewLifeCharge app reviewLifeCharge app reviewLifeCharge app review

Devices: iOS
Cost: Free
LifeCharge on the App Store

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