Triple Town may be a gateway drug, but I needed an intervention

I couldn’t stop. I swear, I don’t know what got ahold of me. I’m not a gamer. I cringe at the thought of wasting precious time in front of a screen doing nothing that will benefit me, causing me pangs of guilt over a day that has not been productive. But for three months of my life this year, Triple Town was my dirty little secret.

That dark period, which includes a romantic spa getaway in the breathtaking French Pyrenees, during which all I could think about was squashing little trees and bears, is behind me now. I am in recovery. And, like any sober alcoholic who knows they must never have a bottle in the house, I have deleted  Triple Phone from my phone, and iPad. I will never, ever, play it again. It’s too cute, too addictive, too much fun, and I won’t be able to stop.

But don’t let my addiction prevent you from casually dabbling in the guilty pleasure that is Triple Town. Really, if you have an hour, or a month to kill, Triple Town will get you through it, and you will enjoy the distraction (or addiction). It’s a strategy puzzle game, with a super cute interface. It looks very simple, but is quite a challenge, considering the endless possibilities of climbing for a higher and higher score. The premise: bundle 3 patches of grass together to make a bush, 3 bushes to create a tree, 3 trees to form a hut, 3 huts make a house, and on, and on, and on….

And then there are the bears, and jumping ninja bears, which are cute but evil. Boxing 3 of them into closed spaces in the village makes a gravestone, and 3 gravestones turn into a cathedral, and 3 cathedrals make… well, I think you get the picture.

screenshot Triple Town app review screenshot Triple Town app review screenshot Triple Town app review
Devices: iOS, Android
Cost: Free
Triple Town on the App Store
Triple Town on Google play

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21. November 2012 by Sam
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