Surely someone can do better than The Best of French Cuisine

One thing I love about Paris is the food! Lebanese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Japanese — all within a block or two of my place. My absolute favorite is the Ethiopian. French food, you ask? Non, merci. My French husband prefers sushi over all else, but he sometimes waxes nostalgic about things like rôti de porc, or lapin à la moutarde. Sadly for him, not only did he get an American wife with an alien palate, but he got one who hadn’t eaten red meat in nearly 30 years… No bunnies on my plate, sorry. And I’m not cookin’ any either.

Still, you have to make an effort. So when I heard about The Best of French Cuisine, I downloaded it, thinking I might find something non-mammalian that would give my frog prince some warm food fuzzies.

Not really knowing where to begin, I tapped Surprise Recipe and proceeded to lose it completely. Because you know exactly where they keep the kilos of duck fat at Ralph’s, right? And the goose thighs? Right next to the lamb brains (yeah, they eat those here too). Not to mention that the recipe actually calls for duck thighs. (Equally easy to find in the US.)

I did like the fact that there were only 101 recipes. I thought, “Great! Just the classics, just the best, nice and manageable.” I get overwhelmed by apps that say I can search 250,000 recipes because then you have 174 variations of the same thing and you are paralyzed faced with so many options. Less is more!

I poked around a bit for kicks, but this app is not worth the 160 megabytes of space it takes up, so don’t even bother. I’m tossing it right into the poubelle. I’ll be sure to let you know if I find anything better.

screenshot Best of French Cuisine app reviewscreenshot Best of French Cuisine app reviewscreenshot Best of French Cuisine app reviewscreenshot Best of French Cuisine app review
Devices: iOS
Cost: Free
The Best of French Cuisine on the App Store

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01. February 2013 by Pam
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