Relax and Sleep, because, well, I need to

I’m still looking for the perfect Yoga App. Haven’t found it yet. And I don’t feel like bashing another one. I’m also still pulling long days. Cowgirl App! is hitting the ground running, and tomorrow I’m taking a train to Paris, where we are producing our first (not one but) two IRL events. One’s a hush-hush sort of thing, and we’ll tell you how it went. But the other is a casual drink amongst geeks on Friday night. (If you’re in Paris, join us!) So, as you can see, I’m set for a week of hard work, which basically translates to back-to-back meetings, catching up with friends, following business leads, with large and regular doses of caffeine and alcohol. It’s fun work, and it looks like play, but when Cowgirls mix work and play, we do it hard. (That sounds a little kinky… OOPS!)

Presently, I download new yoga/meditation/relaxation apps almost daily, seeking a diamond or two in the rough that will work for me, and that I can tell you about. Like I said, the jury is still out on yoga apps, but I did find a relaxation app that isn’t half bad.

Relax and Sleep isn’t bad at all. In fact, it’s pretty good. As with (IMHO) any app successful designed to do one simple thing, it has succeeded in remaining simple. No frills. It only does what I want it to do, nothing more, and nothing less. I like that in an app.

It’s just some quiet little sounds, good for helping my brain chill, or a nap, and there’s an alarm. I can either use them to soothe myself and set it to stop after a certain amount of time, when I want to sleep, or I can use them instead of an annoying buzzing alarm, to wake me up. There are a bunch of choices, everything from crickets to a running dishwasher (if that floats your zen boat) and all that lies between. And they’re decently made, and most of them really are relaxing. I can star one that I like and the app bumps it up to the top, so I don’t have to scroll through the app each time I open it in order to find my favorites.

I’m keeping this app in my phone, for the moment, and that is saying a lot, as I am currently quickly deleting every relaxation app that doesn’t instantly deliver.

relax and sleep app review screenshot
Devices: Android
Cost: Free
Relax and Sleep on Google Play

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14. January 2013 by Sam
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