Read this book, get this album, you gotta see this movie… Remember them all with Recall

In the last three days alone my mother-in-law raved to me about the book she’s reading and said I would love it (over the phone), a friend told me about four good books (at lunch), and my brother told me about a movie he thinks I should see (by e-mail). This happens constantly, and I’ve never had a good system for keeping track of recommendations. I’d often type the info into Plain Text, which was a total mess. For some reason, it never occurred to me to add this kind of thing to Doris, though that would have been logical… Anyway, now it’s irrelevant. Now I have Recall. Finally.

Recall is oh so much more than a list app! There are built-in categories for music, movies, apps, books and TV shows (you can add your own types of things too). Type the title (or author, or actor…) in the search field, and before you’re finished the app starts to suggest options.

When you find the right item, tap it and you get a detail page with info, ratings and a button that takes you to the appropriate Apple store if it’s available. You can share the item by e-mail or Twitter, and set yourself a reminder when to get the item. The tomato in the movie detail page tells you what percentage of critics liked the movie. Tap it to go to Rotten Tomatoes to read reviews.

Tap the menu icon (three lines, upper left) to easily change the country (crucial for me), or to see the latest releases in every category. Of course, if you look at the latest apps, you’ll have the same problem you would with any other source of info on apps: mostly crap games and no way to tell at first glance what’s worth looking at. But that’s why you have us. Right?

screenshot Recall app reviewscreenshot Recall app reviewscreenshot Recall app reviewscreenshot Recall app reviewscreenshot Recall app reviewscreenshot Recall app review
Devices: iOS
Cost: $2.99
Recall on the App Store

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03. February 2013 by Pam
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