Pudding Monsters will distract you with its terrible cuteness if you’re waiting for terrible news

The hubs and I had one of those doctor’s appointments last week. One of those appointments where you hold hands and sweat in the waiting room, you know the kind of appointment I’m talking about.

In true doc office waiting room fashion, we waited, and waited, and waited, about two hours total. It was excruciating. And I don’t touch the magazines that snotty sick people have been perusing. I got the flu from once from a healthy visit to my doctor in which I decided to read an old Marie Claire, and swore never to do so again.

So I brought the phone, and played Pudding Monsters. After about five minutes I noticed my husband watching, and he grunted something about it being cute, which was his way of asking if there was a two-player option. I said no, but that we could take turns, and we began handing the game back and forth, and it helped get our minds off of the terrible that lay before us, and into the darling little puzzle challenges at our fingertips.

The game starts out super simple, and gets more complex as you continue on. The goal is to get your pudding together in one happy, monstery little blob. If you cover all three of the stars with your pudding blob, that’s even better. But watch out, pudding is slippery, and if you don’t push your little pudding monsters up against each other, or a static object, but rather into the wide open, they’ll slide off the screen and you have to start over. It’s simple, but the puzzles are actually interesting, and get more challenging as you level up.

Oh, and everything’s OK. No terrifying after all.

Pudding Monsters app review screenshotPudding Monsters app review screenshotPudding Monsters app review screenshotPudding Monsters app review screenshot
Devices: iOS, Android
Cost: Free
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20. February 2013 by Sam
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