Postagram sends Grandma a pretty postcard from your phone

Which is exactly what I did. The first time I used Postagram, it was to send my 92-year-old grandmother in California a picture of the Eiffel Tower all bathed in pink that I’d published on Instagram. Yes, I walk by three thousand Eiffel Tower postcards a day, but I wanted to send her my Eiffel Tower. Proud of it. Like you were of those Christmas ornaments you made in elementary school that your mother still hangs on the tree even though half the gold spray-painted elbow noodles have come unglued and you’re 30. Some things never change.

Because your first five Postagrams are free, I also sent one to myself to see if it would be worth the $0.99 per card in the future ($1.99 to addresses outside the US). I can get a few generic Eiffel Tower postcards for that amount, after all. But I’ll spend the money. The ego stroke of seeing your favorite digital photos come to life in a pretty package is how they seduce you.

And I was instantly seduced. It is a verrry pretty package: a glossy, black postcard on high-quality card stock. Best of all, the border of each picture is perforated, so you can just pop it out of the postcard and stick it on your fridge.

The UI is pretty close to flawless. Beautiful and with zero learning curve. In addition to Instagram pics, you can turn Facebook and Camera Roll photos into postcards.

screenshot Postagram app reviewscreenshot Postagram app reviewscreenshot Postagram app review
Devices: iPhone & Android
Cost: Free
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27. October 2012 by Pam
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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! So glad you like the UI, we are hoping to keep this app in tip top shape with some cool new features in 2013!

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