On my birthday I had 4 makeovers while drinking my morning tea — trying on makeup apps

Buying make-up and discovering when you get home that it doesn’t look good is a drag. And it’s the only option for people who are freaked out by testers. (Mom always told me I’d get TB from testers when I was a kid.) But I did go lipstick shopping the day after I chopped off all my hair and went platinum. One needs bolder lips with bolder hair. I called my Parisian friend Claire, who’s a walking glamor encyclopedia. She said it had to be either Yves St. Laurent or Chanel (I went with the latter). On lipstick day I defied my phobia. It’s good to do that every now and then.

So yesterday some lipstick company offered to send me some free stuff, which made me think I should test some of those makeover apps I’ve seen here and there. I was sure the results would be absurd, but they weren’t that bad. And it was fun and not a total waste of time.

For all of these apps, take a picture in which your facial features are well defined. Open it in the apps, and the tech (generally) does an amazing job of recognizing your features in a few seconds.

The first one I tried was iMakeup Booth. You can do eyes, lips and cheeks. (Brows are a premium feature. Whatever!) Tap the eyes in the row at the top to see how the different shading and lining styles look on you in real time. This app has tons of shades for eye and lip colors in groups (including “Goth”). To increase or decrease the intensity of any make-up, just swipe left or right (there’s a slider at the top that shows you the percentage). This was the app I liked best. That Chanel lipstick I got was about this shade! (Free. iOS)

screenshot iMakeupBooth app reviewscreenshot iMakeupBooth app reviewscreenshot iMakeupBooth app reviewscreenshot iMakeupBooth app review

The following three apps are by Modiface. Next was Virtual Makeover. The colors were more conservative and there weren’t as many. I did like that you could pick three shades of eyeshadow for different parts of your eye. And there’s foundation. To increase or decrease lip color intensity, tap the circles above the search field. (Don’t know what you can search for, didn’t care, I was busy playing make-up.) I also liked that the app gives you brand and color info when you choose a shade. (Free. iOS/Android)

screenshot Virtual Makeover app reviewscreenshot Virtual Makeover app review

Next came MakeUp. I was getting bored by this time, so I decided to give myself hair too. Ended up looking like plastic surgery gone awry on a Michael Jackson scale. This one had five options for eye shadow placement, but it put my “Lid” too high, and “Undereye” was so low I looked like I’d been in a bar fight (not shown in these pics). At the end the app tells you the brands and shades of all the colors you chose. (Free. iOS/Android)

screenshot MakeUp app reviewscreenshot MakeUp app review

The last one was Makeup Touch. Really bored at this point, so when I realized I had to drag dots around my face and paint my features with my finger I got rather slapdash. Very clowny. But maybe you’ll have more patience. (Free. iOS)

screenshot Makeup Touch app reviewscreenshot Makeup Touch app reviewscreenshot Makeup Touch app review

I found ninety something makeup apps by entering the keyword “lipstick” into the App Store on my iPhone. Have fun girlies.

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15. March 2013 by Pam
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