Little Photo filters the wow factor into mobile snapshots

I’m a hot mess with a camera. I swear. I’ve got all of these fantastically talented photog friends, and they like to flaunt their sexy mad Photoshop skills, and super expensive/intimidating gear. I, on the other hand, shamelessly plaster my Android snapshots, and my thumb in front of the lens, all over the Internet and Tarnation.

I’m getting better and better at faking my feeble attempts at waxing emotive. Little Photo has a lot to do with that. And it’s easy to use. The app looks like a camera when you open it. It’s possible to take a photo from the app itself or import existing photos from your phone’s gallery. But my fave feature has got to be the filters, the way you can layer them, and define percentages. If I’m feeling just a little lomo, I don’t have to go all out, oh, and why not throw a tad of sepia in there for good measure? Then I can make it black and white, age it, or whatever my little fauxtoggy heart desires. And guess what? My friends are fooled. They think I’m a whiz at post processing images, so shh, please don’t tell. I’d like for Little Photo to remain our little secret.

screenshot [little photo] app review screenshot [little photo] app review screenshot [little photo] app review
Devices: Android
Cost: Free
Little Photo on Google Play

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10. December 2012 by Sam
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  1. Ça m’intrigue, je vais essayer cette application…

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