Let your kid toss a (cartoon) hamster rather than his food: Geared 2

I brought along a little baggie of cheese crackers to my cousin’s wedding because my kid was two and I figured I’d slip him one every time he started to get fidgety. It worked for a bit, but then he decided he needed to hold the baggie and the next thing I knew little orange squares were raining down on the people in front of us. Ahh, the memories…

My iPhone would have come in very handy that day (and that year, and the next two), and a game like Geared 2 might have prevented the cracker attack. (Although I do think somebody needs to create a padded smartphone case that can be tethered to a wrist or some body part to prevent kids from flinging phones into the backs of people’s heads.)

I downloaded Geared 2 because it doesn’t look like a computer game. I wanted to see the artwork and the animation. It turned out to be kind of relaxing to watch the tiny hamster trotting along in his wheel. Meditative. The kind of thing you could look at to empty your mind for a few moments. And there are cute noises.

As for the game, it would definitely occupy a young mind for a time. It’s challenging and educational (spatial skills). The objective is to drag white gears around and place them in such a way that they make the hamster’s wheel spin so fast he goes flying out of it. They turn red if you try to put them where they won’t fit, green if they’ll fit. If you put them in the wrong place, the works are jammed. It’s harder than it looks (but then, I’m spatially challenged, except when it comes to packing and parking).

screenshot Geared 2 app reviewscreenshot Geared 2 app reviewscreenshot Geared 2 app reviewscreenshot Geared 2 app review
Devices: iOS
Cost: $2.99
Geared 2 on the App Store

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17. February 2013 by Pam
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