KWIT makes a game out of quitting smoking

I’ve tried all the quit smoking tricks: sipping lemony water (no sugar!) through a straw all day (too busy peeing to smoke), sucking plain air through a cut-off straw (the straw gets all chewed and spitty), nibbling super slim celery sticks (no point without Philly or peanut butter)… I even did self-inflicted aversion therapy (wearing a thickish rubberband like a bracelet and giving my inner wrist a good thwack whenever I had a nic fit). That one worked pretty well, actually.

But now there’s an app for that (quitting, not wrist thwacking, though I’m sure it’s only a matter of time). Of course the developer is French because people actually still smoke in France.

Kwit uses game mechanics to help you quit smoking. That means there are “levels” to be reached and rewards to give you positive reinforcement. The app tracks things like the number of days since you quit, money saved, health benefits, etc. Optionally share your progress on Twitter, Facebook and by e-mail. If you need a little boost, just shake your phone to get a motivational message!

This is a less-is-more app, my favorite kind. Very uncluttered interface that is simple and intuitive. All that fresh white space reminds you how clean your lungs are getting!

screenshot KWIT app reviewscreenshot KWIT app review
Devices: iOS, Android
Cost: $1.99
Kwit on the App Store

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02. November 2012 by Pam
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