In which a computer potato discovers she Moves more than she thought

Sometimes it feels like I never leave my computer. The only exercise I like is rollerblading, which for various reasons I don’t do here in Paris. I avoid going outside as much as possible when it’s cold, which is half the damn year (cold = <50° F/10°C because I’m from San Diego). But I do have to walk to several shops several times a week just to get groceries (no giant supermarkets in the Latin Quarter, and no giant fridges in tiny Paris apartments). Plus I walk to the doctor, the dentist, the pharmacy, restaurants, movies… When I installed Moves to test it (and out of genuine curiosity), I found out exactly how much walking I do.

The app requires absolutely no input or effort on your part other than opening it (and remembering to leave it running in the background, and remembering to take your phone when you go somewhere, as if any of us ever leave our phones behind.)

It knows the difference between walking, biking, and running and will give you different colored bubbles for all three. It also knows if you’re in some form of transport. By 10:30 this morning, I’d already taken over 2,000 steps and the app knew when I was in the bus.

You can share your day’s exercise by e-mail and Twitter, or save the image to your camera roll. For info on how it works, go to Settings (gear icon) and read the FAQ.

I’d like to see a monthly or yearly timeline. I hope that’s a feature that’s coming. OK, your turn!

screenshot Moves app reviewscreenshot Moves app reviewscreenshot Moves app reviewscreenshot Moves app review
Devices: iOS
Cost: Free
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15. February 2013 by Pam
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