If you’re still seeking an Instagram alternative, eyeball EyeEm

As an avowed fauxto sharing hussy, I’ve been closely following the recent news on Instagram. Pam and I even held an impromptu confab this past Saturday. The thrill is gone, but I’m not quite sure that I’m ready to leave my Insta-love behind. However, I have been playing the field. I’m “dating” other photo-sharing apps, and one of the parties that I have enjoyed messing around with the most these days is EyeEm.

At first glance, EyeEm seems like an Instagram copycat, but in reality, it has a lot to offer. Sure, filters and frames are old hat by now, aren’t they? But here’s where EyeEm is different: you can add a title to your photo, which actually searches the app to see if others have titled their photo with the same keyword, and the app then adds your photo to a collectively titled album. You can share your location too, which I do, but personally I keep it pretty vague, as in an entire city. No stalkers, thank you.

Why is the album/location sharing feature so cool? Well, when your photo is added to an album, people with common photo interests perusing that album will find and follow you. And when you look through albums that you like, from within the app, you’ll see photos that you think are really neat, and you’ll want to follow some of those people. The app has an interesting way of gently nudging us to branch out and make new connections. You can also browse the tag you are using for your location and find other EyeEmmers nearby. Although personally, the farther you are from me and the more exotic your location, the more likely I am to follow you.

The only thing I feel is missing at EyeEm is my friends. I’ve been following the same mofos on IG forever, and for that reason alone, I’m not quite ready to consider leaving. But I’m enjoying the ride, and making new connections. Maybe eventually some of my Instapeeps will make the switch, or at least become cheaters, like me.

screenshot eyeem app review screenshot eyeem app review screenshot eyeem app review screenshot eyeem app review

Devices: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone
Cost: Free
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