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I could wile away the hours… taking movie trivia quizzes with Trailerpop

I got so disgusted with the “We Saw Your Boobs” number, and the fact that the smug little twirp game show host they hired to MC the Oscars pointed out Jennifer Aniston’s “exotic” dancing past, that I turned off this … Continue reading

21. March 2013 by Pam
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It doesn’t get more zen than jigsaw puzzles, and we can all use a little of that: Join the Hearts

Grandma’s garage had shelves and shelves of ancient, semi-flattened jigsaw puzzle boxes, which I’d paw through on long summer days at her place as a kid. (There was a certain stress involved because you never knew if there were pieces … Continue reading

13. March 2013 by Pam
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An indispensable and gorgeous guide to museum and gallery exhibits when you’re in Paris: Exponaute

The best thing about big cities is that they’re giant cans of concentrated culture. Museums and galleries up the wazoo. (And yes, even people who say “wazoo” can like high art.) When you’re visiting Paris, you can grab one of … Continue reading

11. March 2013 by Pam
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The PRI app, for embracing your inner NPR nerd

I am a public radio junkie. Always have been. My friend Max and I were speaking recently about how Ira Glass’s voice makes me swoon (I think he professed similar, yet manlier feelings on the matter), and how I like … Continue reading

02. January 2013 by Sam
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You may enjoy An Ideal New Year Resolution for about as long as you actually keep yours

I don’t think I’ve ever kept a single New Year’s Resolution that I have ever made, except the years that my resolution was to make no more resolutions. I have so many things, about me, and my life, that I … Continue reading

26. December 2012 by Sam
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Billr, so you don’t have to do math after three glasses of wine

I don’t want do math after even one glass of wine. Or before it. Or ever. And, though you want to be cool, after a while you get tired of splitting the check four ways when all you ever order … Continue reading

13. December 2012 by Pam
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Songkick just told me how I can fill the music shaped hole in my heart

Chris Garneau is playing in Paris on December 13th. I won’t be able to go, as I’m blowing my wad on a trip to the City of Light for some little geek conference next week, and we’re really getting too … Continue reading

28. November 2012 by Sam
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