Billr, so you don’t have to do math after three glasses of wine

I don’t want do math after even one glass of wine. Or before it. Or ever. And, though you want to be cool, after a while you get tired of splitting the check four ways when all you ever order is a salad and mineral water while Michelle over there always gets the pricey special and a glass of wine. So now you can make Michelle pay for her own damn lunch and still be cool because your friends will all get such a kick out of Billr. Except maybe Michelle.

This takes no time at all. On the first screen you add the number of people in your party. Then you put their names (three letters) at the top of their “bills.” On the left, type in the amounts of the individual items. An X appears on everybody’s bill. Tap the X to remove it from the bills of those who didn’t have the item. On the next screen you enter tax and tip, click the Next button, and you get everybody’s bill. Take that, Michelle.

screenshot Billr app reviewscreenshot Billr app reviewscreenshot Billr app review
Devices: iPhone
Cost: $0.99
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13. December 2012 by Pam
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