When you’re really really really down, you need a LifeCharge


When your life is falling to pieces and you’re losing hope and losing your grip, what do you do? “Count your blessings,” some people say, and you know just where you’d like them to stick their blessings. Have you been … Continue reading

21. February 2014 by Pam
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Too bad Instaweather can’t instantly change the weather, but it’s cool


I’ve had a bit of app fatigue lately, but one nippy November morning I saw a tweet from supercowgirl Susie Blackmon that momentarily relieved my chill and got me excited about an app. In this tweet, I learned that it … Continue reading

22. December 2013 by Pam
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Sick of using trite filters and childish fonts to doll up your pics? Get edgy with Tangent.


For a while, apps like Instagram made you feel like you could make art out of ordinary pictures, but then everybody on earth (including me) took a picture of a decrepit door and added some shadowy, sepia-y filter and once … Continue reading

13. August 2013 by Pam
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Life begins when the kid leaves home and you can take over and redecorate her room: iPlanit


Imagine living in a two-bedroom apartment with a husband and his two kids (half the time) with both you and said husband working full time from home. Exactly. In this configuration, my personal space — the space that is an … Continue reading

28. July 2013 by Pam
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Put your poodles in your pocket and even sell them with Boxes


So maybe you’d hate my vintage poodle figurine collection, but my poodles mean a lot to me, and they live on my desk. You put things you love where you can see them, where your friends can admire them (or … Continue reading

17. July 2013 by Pam
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All about QR codes and why you should love them (and Scan, so you can use them)


Have you seen those little black and white squares on posters or other things and wondered what they are? They’re QR (quick response) codes, and they’re there so you can point your smartphone at them and be automatically taken to … Continue reading

04. June 2013 by Pam
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Remember those paper chains for counting down to Christmas? Now there’s Countdown+


There aren’t that many huge events in our lives, but sometimes we attach great importance to less significant events, depending on what’s going on with us. You need things you can look forward to when the grind is grinding you … Continue reading

02. June 2013 by Pam
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What’s in your phone, Marie ‘maloki’ Axelsson?

Marie ‘maloki’ Axelsson is an enthusiast for tech and new services. She’s a gamer and a community manager, a Linux, Mac and PC user, with an Android phone. You can find her on Twitter, Pinterest, and G+. And somewhere in … Continue reading

28. May 2013 by Pam
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When you and a friend have words, it can sometimes be a great thing: Words with Friends


Yes, this is one of the most popular mobile games on the planet and, yes, it’s old news, but trust me, there are plenty of people who don’t know about it. Like my over-40, non-geeky women friends who inspired me … Continue reading

27. May 2013 by Pam
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An app that’ll tell you when your aunt’s due to drop in… Period Tracker


Boys, you might want to skip this one. But then again, maybe you’ll learn something… So this is the deal: for five years I took a med that stopped my periods. I know, lucky me! But then I went off … Continue reading

26. May 2013 by Pam
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Elixr, so you and your mermaid can enjoy a fancy cocktail in good company


Nothing makes this cowgirl feel fancier than putting on a little cocktail dress and sipping at a fancy cocktail. Preferably with a mermaid. But it’s just not too ladylike to sit at a bar all by yourself, and my friends, … Continue reading

24. May 2013 by Pam
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Elevatr is not about big buildings, it’s about big ideas. Yours.


So how many times a year do you have one of those million-dollar ideas? For me it’s about five. (Although I’m still not a millionaire, so something is not quite right…) My latest one (a week ago) was to create … Continue reading

11. May 2013 by Pam
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