You won’t be so crabby in the morning with Oscar and Erik waking you up: DayDream

It sucks that sometimes you wake up with residual anger (or sadness) because of dreams, and it sucks that you often have no recollection of what made you angry/sad, and it sucks that whoever’s waking up next to you usually suffers because a bunch of penguins stole your burrito (which you don’t remember). If you want to shake off the infuriating penguin incident (and spare your pillow pal) try DayDream, a lovely alarm clock app with sounds and words that will give you an instant attitude adjustment. Your poor lover, who had no designs on your dream burrito, should not have to pay for what those penguins did.

Yes, the iPhone has a perfectly adequate alarm clock, but I’m pretty sick of waking up to the Harp sound, aren’t you? I’d choose to open my eyes to Gymnopédie No. 2 by Erik Satie and the words of Oscar Wilde any day. And yes, there are plenty of apps out there that will “push” you motivational and inspirational quotes, but this is the only one I’ve seen that is integrated into a practical feature.

The app asks your name and how you like your temperatures. No account to create, nothing. The home screen displays the date, time and temp with sweet, zen clouds floating by in the background. You can choose a starry, mountainy background, but that just looks cold and makes me not want to get out of bed (give me a tropical beach and we’ll talk).

You can set multiple alarms for different days of the week. When the alarm goes off, you can tap your snooze button, and when you finally tap “Wake up,” your quote will pop up. You can then share the quote with your crabby friends who don’t have this app yet, but if they click the link in the tweet, etc. they can get it too (very clever!).

You can favorite your quote (tap the star), and I’m not sure what that does because I only have one so far, but I assume once you have a few favorites you can go back and be re-inspired and un-grumpied whenever you need it.

screenshot DayDream app reviewscreenshot DayDream app reviewscreenshot DayDream app reviewscreenshot DayDream app reviewscreenshot DayDream app reviewscreenshot DayDream app review
Devices: iOS
Cost: $0.99
DayDream – Alarm Clock on the App Store

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03. March 2013 by Pam
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  1. A deliciously surreal tour! Thanks from Denmark!

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