You put that thing someplace SO logical you’d never forget, which is why you need Where Is It?

A place for everything and everything in its place, that’s how I was raised. But then one day you just change your mind and decide a thing should go in a more logical place, or you have to put it in a temporary place. In either case, three months later you’re frantically trying to recall where it is and you start wondering if you have early onset Alzheimer’s.

With Where Is It?, never again will you misplace that present you bought and hid 10 months before your husband’s birthday…

The app has a clean design and zero learning curve. Enter the name of the thing and where you stashed it. Take a picture of the thing in its new home if you want to. Click Done and it appears in an alphabetical and searchable list.

This app would be twice as useful if you could share your account with your husband (whose mother clearly didn’t know the “everything in its place” rule) for when you’re in California and he needs to find a thing right then and there and it’s 3:00 am where you are.

Who told me about this app? My now 19-year-old stepson who, in the first five years I lived with him, probably asked me where the scotch tape was 392 times. My answer was always the same. After hearing me say “third drawer” 392 times, followed by my “a place for everything” mantra 392 times, I think he has me figured out.

screenshot Where Is It? app reviewscreenshot Where Is It? app reviewscreenshot Where Is It? app review

screenshot Where Is It? app review`
Devices: iOS
Cost: Free
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27. January 2013 by Pam
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