With Koubachi you’re less likely to kill Tanya. Or maybe your kid.

I remember a trip to the ER one day because my 8 year-old son, on some imaginary adventure in the back yard, decided he needed to use his new jackknife to carve up and taste one of my plants… “Mommy, my mouth’s burning.” “What’d you eat?” “Nothing.” “Well what’d you put in your mouth?” “Nothing.” ”Well drink some milk.” “Now my throat’s burning.” Shit… Luckily, he’d been nibbling on a plant that was only mildly toxic (elephant ear). But I might have been spared some terror if I’d had Koubachi.

The first thing you do is go into the Library and find the kind of houseplant you have. The plant database has pictures and all kinds of interesting info (including the plant’s toxicity!). So you choose your plant, pick a pot for it, name it… and you tell Koubachi where in the house it lives (don’t ask me why).

Your plant now appears on the main page. Tap it to reveal three icons. Tap the leaves icon to set up a watering schedule (Koubachi will ask you to water the plant and tell it when the plant gets dry). Tap the info icon to add (or find) more info about your plant. That third icon (left) is the real reason this app exists. It opens a page where you can associate your plant with a wi-fi sensor. Koubachi’s Wi-Fi Plant Sensor, that is. Which you can also buy from this page…

You can still use the app without the sensor. But tools like this are likely to become more and more common! The future and all that.

screenshot koubachi app review
Devices: iPhone
Cost: Free
Koubachi on the App Store

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