When you need to know what time it is right now in Hong Kong and Austin: Synchronize

I’ve lived in France for over six years and still nobody in my family in California has a clue at any given moment what time it is here. I gave them an easy trick: count back three hours and change meridians. That’s easy, right? But it seems to freak them out, so they count forward nine hours when they need to. Whatever.

Today I needed to plan an online video-conference that will work across several time zones. (By now maybe you know how fond I am of numbers.) So rather than do all the counting and research, I busted out an absolutely beautiful little app called Synchronize that I’ve been dying to have a reason to use.

This is one of those ultra-simple, user-friendly apps with a lickably delicious design. The kind I love best. In my opinion, it doesn’t hurt that when you open it, the “Local Time” section is pink. (I’m in a bit of a pink phase. Happens every decade or so.)

To add cities, click the plus sign, choose a region, and choose a city from the list (which makes it easier than having to remember how to spell Nouakchott…). Tap a city to change or remove it. Use the pencil to change it, the trash can to delete it. Slide the ruler on the bottom and watch the time zones change till you find something that works for your purposes. Click the envelope to e-mail the times to the concerned parties. You can’t share it to Facebook or Twitter! (Can you imagine?) Four cities show on the screen (even on the iPad), but there doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many you can add.

screenshot Synchronize app reviewscreenshot Synchronize app reviewscreenshot Synchronize app reviewscreenshot Synchronize app review
Devices: iOS
Cost: Free
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09. January 2013 by Pam
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