What’s in your phone, Pamela Poole?

What's in your phone Pamela Poole
Pamela Poole is a tech blogger (with work on ReadWrite, GigaOm and HuffPo) and a translator. She’s also a Cowgirl App! cofounder.

“What’s in your phone?” is our ongoing series of interviews with women about the apps they use. (We already know what’s in your bag…)

Q: What mobile device(s) do you have and in what situations do you use them?

A: I have an iPhone 3GS 4 and an iPad 2, which I inherited from my husband (the Alpha Geek). I’m not a gadget freak. For me it’s about what they do, not what they are. I just got my iPad, so I haven’t worked it into my lifeflow yet. So far, I like reading Twitter on it. I’m never without my phone. I like to bust it out and show tourists how to get where they want to go. They always ask me directions when I’m out walking my dog.

What's in your phone Pamela Poole
Q: What are the first apps you open every day?

A: The native Apple Mail app, then Instagram, then Tweetbot (to read Twitter). Then, some days, Words with Friends (I’ve been playing “scrabble” with one of my best friends back in California for a year now). Instagram less and less these days. Lost some of my Instalove when Facebook bought it. Planning to switch to Starmatic soon.

Q: What extras do you have (covers, bags, sleeves, dangly things…)?

A: I almost always carry my iPhone in the front pocket of my jeans. But on those rare days when I don’t have a pocket, I put it in a little red cloth pouch I found one day at the shop of a traditional French luxury textile maker, J Pansu. It’s made from a remnant, and it just happened to be perfect for my iPhone. I like it cuz it’s fancy and dainty and unique.

Q: Do you use apps mostly for practical purposes, entertainment, creation, socializing, or something else?

A: All of the above. I guess not a lot of socializing, other than some exchanges on Twitter. One practical example is Mais Trop!, which I use to find out how to get from Point A to Point B on the subway. Entertainment, well, it’s all entertainment. Or diversion, at least. As for creation, I’m a verbal person, so I still do my writing on my computer. But I do a lot of photo editing on my iPhone with Instagram, Starmatic and Snapseed.

Q: In what ways have apps enhanced your life? In what ways do you think apps have enhanced society? Or hurt it?

A: Apps have just eliminated some of the minor frustrations and boredom from my life. As for society, I think it’s great for people to be able to reach out and communicate or create or share whenever they want to. Everything in moderation, of course. I’m old enough to remember life before constant connection and I appreciate that too.

Q: What would be your desert island app?

A: Twitter. You get information, pictures and can talk to friends. It’s perfect. I hope they don’t fuck it up.

Q: What’s the most embarrassing app in your phone? ‘Fess up!

A: Free Tarot of Marseilles. I ask it questions like you would ask a Magic 8 Ball. Anyway, I’ve always liked the way tarot cards looked.

Q: If you could design the perfect app, what would it be/do?

A: I want an app I can use as a pocket photo album for all my favorite pictures, in order, of my son from the time he was a baby till now. Just so I can look at them, or show them to somebody on my phone (and iPad). I would just like to pop it open and look at him when I’m missing him (empty nest). Tags too, so I could look at all his Santa, Halloween, school pics… I should be able to share his pics with his Grandmother if she has the app too (we’re getting my mom an iPad mini for Christmas). Of course I’d have to scan all those pics first because he was born before digital cameras. So it would be essential for the app to make it easy for me to import a bunch of pics from the cloud or my hard drive.

Q: What advice would you give to people who haven’t adopted apps as part of their lifestyle?

A: Read this blog. Ask me for tips or direction and I’ll try to help. Really!

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Pamela Poole put on her red cowboy boots and moved from San Diego to Paris in 2006. She's a translator and tech blogger who believes the Internet is the fountain of youth.

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  1. Sounds like a great perfect app you are wishing for. Tell me if you ever design or find it!

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