Use Bean so he won’t be able to wiggle his way out of anything anymore

I’m not a counter. I don’t keep a record of how many days a week I work out or eat dessert. But there are times, like when you’re making an effort to ride your bike to work instead of drive, that you may want to keep track of how often you do it just to give yourself a little positive reinforcement. Of course, once you start playing around with Bean, you will think of all kinds of things you could use it to monitor…

You can only keep track of nine things at a time, so this isn’t a good choice for hardcore counters. But it’s great for casual dabblers. And it’s pretty. I like colors.

Tap a rectangle to increase the number. If you accidentally tap, you can correct it (click the minus sign in Edit mode). Reverse pinch to enlarge a rectangle and edit it. Tap in the text field to change the wording. Tap the color button to change the background color. Tap the zero button to reset to today’s date. Pinch to close it up when you’re done. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t pick the start date. They need to fix that. So who what will you monitor with Bean?

screenshot Bean counting app reviewscreenshot Bean counting app reviewscreenshot Bean counting app review
Devices: iPhone
Cost: $0.99
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01. December 2012 by Pam
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