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One of the things I miss, as a Californian in France, is my “comfort music.” Like an old song that would come on the radio and take me back to my first slow dance. Or Mexican music — part of the soundtrack of my life — floating over from the open window of the car next to me at the light… In France, the law says that 40% of a radio station’s music has to be French (or by a French speaker). You just don’t hear a lot of American music here. Cuz there are all those other countries too, and France tries to be fair.

So today, as I write this, I’m listening to a Mexican station out of LA on TuneIn, which is satisfying my hunger for a sunny sound on this nippy fall day, and also making me crave cheese enchiladas. Other days I listen to India or Africa. Of course, when I lived in the States, I would have been thrilled to discover all the French radio stations available through TuneIn.

The app is free, and works on lots of devices (and your computer). There’s an annoying ad you can get rid of if you buy the Pro version, but it’s not like you actually look at the screen that much, so why bother? I can’t find my favorite San Diego rock stations, or my favorite LA oldies station, for some (probably contractual) reason. Their loss! But there’s enough to choose from. Even police scanners if that’s your thing.

Search by several parameters (news, music genre, location, language and more). Save stations to favorites. Share on Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail. There’s a “car mode” with big buttons so you don’t drive into a wall. And other stuff.

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Devices: iOS, Android and more
Cost: Free
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16. November 2012 by Pam
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  1. Thanks for this tip, Samantha.

    My daughter is spending a year in L.A., for her 11th grade. I’ll listen to her local stations, to feel closer to her (we’re from Bordeaux, France)…

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