Toshl (and its adorable monsters) keep me from being a total flake with money

I have balanced my checkbook exactly once in my life, shortly after I got my first checking account. I rarely have a precise idea of how much money I have, how much I’ve spent, or what I spent it on. It makes my husband a little nervous sometimes, but my pecuniary flakiness isn’t really an issue because I just don’t live large. At the moment, though, I’m giving my all to a project, and some of my all comes in the form of cash. So I decided it was time to try (once again) to keep track of my spending like a grownup.

I met Toshl at LeWeb a few years ago, and it’s been on my phone ever since. Just sitting there. Looking cute. Making me feel guilty. It’s so pretty you don’t feel like you’re in a money app at all. Plus it’s incredibly easy to use. Which is why I might actually keep using it.

You pop the app open and tap the plus sign to add an expense. Tap in the tags field and either type a new expense category or tap on one (or more) you made before. If you forget an expense, or make a mistake, you can add it in for the current day and then edit the amount, tags, or date afterwards. You can view expenses by day, by month, by tags (like how much you spent on entertainment). You can enter a budget for all expenses (the max you want to spend in a month) or by tag (your entertainment budget for the month).

You can also log in to the website and see attractive (not spreadsheety) views of your spending habits. There’s more to it than I describe here, of course. Plus the cutest monsters on the planet.

screenshot Toshl app reviewscreenshot Toshl app reviewscreenshot Toshl app reviewscreenshot Toshl app reviewscreenshot Toshl app reviewscreenshot Toshl app review
Devices: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia, Blackberry
Cost: Free
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07. January 2013 by Pam
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  1. Oooooh cute! I looked for a budget-type app a couple of years ago and couldn’t understand why there weren’t any with nice, intuitive filters (re: tagging).

    Adding monsters to crunching numbers, to boot? That’s awesome :) Going to check it out.

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