Too bad Instaweather can’t instantly change the weather, but it’s cool

I’ve had a bit of app fatigue lately, but one nippy November morning I saw a tweet from supercowgirl Susie Blackmon that momentarily relieved my chill and got me excited about an app. In this tweet, I learned that it was 74°F where she was. Not so thrilling, you say? Well, the thing is, she conveyed this tidbit with a (very nice) pic she took with Instaweather, an app that puts the me in meteorology.

To avoid death by envy, I told myself that where Susie was (in Mississippi) it was undoubtedly a very sticky or at least damp 74°, which is not as great as it sounds. And since I should be going to Hawaii next year, probably while it’s still unbearably cold here, I’ve decided I will take an Instaweather pic every single day I’m there and tweet it — just to get back at Paris, that frigid bitch.

The free version of Instaweather has all you need to enjoy the app. You can take a pic or choose one from your camera roll (the landscape icon on the bottom to the left of the camera icon). The pushpin icon at the far left lets you get very specific about where you are, down to the restaurant you’re in!

Tap the icon to the right of the camera to access flash settings and switch to selfie mode (front-facing camera). The three dots to the far right let you change the format/layout of the weather info (what they call “skins”). You can tap certain text blocks on the screen to write your own words, like replacing plain old “Hawaii” with Ha ha I’m in Hawaii and you’re not or the less bitchy Wish you were here.

I tried to make the icons at the top work, but they didn’t do anything. Maybe they’re only good for the pay version. (In general the buttons are not very responsive. But keep tapping.) Whatever those buttons at the top are, I clearly don’t need them.

The app saves your pic to your camera roll, but without the weather info overlay! To get the overlay, you have to tap Share and be sure to choose Save to Roll. The app is a bit slow and crashy, but I’m sure they’re working on that as we speak because it’s a great and fun concept that could be addictive.

There’s a website where you can post your Instaweathers on a world map, but why?

Now, while I’m in Hawaii, I’m going to take some pics with Frontback (which I’ll review soon, when I simultaneously have something in front of me worth looking at and don’t look like hell), and overlay the Hawaii weather with Instaweather info. #Fun #AppNerd

With all the freakish climate change we’re living, this could get very interesting…

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Devices: iOS, Android
Cost: Free (or $1.99 for Instaweather Pro)
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