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Back in the 20th century, I was one of those people who kept paper and pen next to the bed to write down whatever came bubbling out of my brain when I had insomnia. Poems. Grocery lists. Profound revelations. You know. Of course, I can hardly hold a pen anymore. So when I learned that Facebook had bought Instagram, my immediate response was to write down my (angry) feelings with The Amazing Type-Writer, save the “card” to my camera roll and publish it on Instagram.

This app is essentially a toy, but a couple of things make it one worth playing with. One, it is adorable. It makes old-fashioned typewriter sounds (you even get the warning ding at the right “tab”). Plus the text you type looks authentically vintage (unlike retro-look fonts) because you can type the exact same letter twice in a row and they won’t look the same (for those who don’t know, typed letters looked different on the page depending on how hard you struck the key…). Two, it’s great for creative/emotional outbursts. And you don’t have to be a word person to like this app. Plenty of people use it to doodle because you can drag the “carriage” around on the page.

So what then? Your creation is automatically saved in your Card Library. You can also share it, save it as an image in your camera roll, or post it to the (Public) Gallery. (Note: you can’t delete things from the public gallery! But at least they’re anonymous…) In the app, click Top Cards or Public Gallery, tap somebody else’s card, and it’ll open in your typewriter so you can add something to it.

screenshot Amazing Type-Writer app reviewscreenshot Amazing Type-Writer app reviewscreenshot Amazing Type-Writer app review
Devices: iPhone
Cost: $1.99
The Amazing Type-Writer on the App Store

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27. October 2012 by Pam
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