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Toshl (and its adorable monsters) keep me from being a total flake with money

I have balanced my checkbook exactly once in my life, shortly after I got my first checking account. I rarely have a precise idea of how much money I have, how much I’ve spent, or what I spent it on. … Continue reading

07. January 2013 by Pam
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Pictarine, like nectarine, because staying connected has suddenly become sweeter

I met Guillaume a couple of weeks ago at a party for LeWeb. (If you click that link, you’ll see how cute he is.) Oh, but keep reading, here, if you want to know why he’s a genius. Ladies, face it … Continue reading

20. December 2012 by Sam
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Yes, Virginia, the world really DOES need another photo app: Starmatic

I am one of those Instagram (IG) people (although with only three food pics out of 642, I’m not one of those Instagram people). But a little part of me died the day Facebook bought IG. I knew that little by … Continue reading

11. December 2012 by Pam
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