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Color is happy and it’s everywhere and you can collect it and use it with Color ViewFinder

If you’re into mobile photography, you’ve probably noticed that it makes you hyper aware of the world around you; all its little faults, but especially the hidden beauty. I found a seedpod in the country one summer and I wanted … Continue reading

26. February 2013 by Pam
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Do you really need that sparkly thing? Donate the money – Instead

If you spend a lot of time using social media, you’re constantly being badgered to sign petitions, support crowdfunded projects, donate donate donate… Venturing into our social apps is sometimes like stepping into another universe and suddenly being surrounded by … Continue reading

27. October 2012 by Pam
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With Koubachi you’re less likely to kill Tanya. Or maybe your kid.

I remember a trip to the ER one day because my 8 year-old son, on some imaginary adventure in the back yard, decided he needed to use his new jackknife to carve up and taste one of my plants… “Mommy, … Continue reading

26. October 2012 by Pam
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