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The PRI app, for embracing your inner NPR nerd

I am a public radio junkie. Always have been. My friend Max and I were speaking recently about how Ira Glass’s voice makes me swoon (I think he professed similar, yet manlier feelings on the matter), and how I like … Continue reading

02. January 2013 by Sam
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I defy you to guess what kind of music I want to listen to when I feel sexy, Stereomood!

Just not possible! Seriously. Because for any woman it might be princess sexy or dominatrix sexy or anything in between, and they all have different soundtracks. Right? Plus, it looks like a bunch of 25-year-old guys (mostly) put together the … Continue reading

01. January 2013 by Pam
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Really, don’t add text to your photos (tacky tacky tacky), but if you must, there’s Phonto

I had no choice. Well, you always have a choice. But anyway. The only reason I went looking for an app that would add text to pictures was to publish a final pic on Instagram to tell people I’d moved … Continue reading

29. December 2012 by Pam
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Cowgirl Confab: Sam and Pam talk about Instagram

Instagram is a mobile app that lets you share visual moments, either privately among your own friends and family, or publicly on the Internet, as well as on Facebook, which bought the company this year. Until very recently, you could … Continue reading

22. December 2012 by Sam
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TuneIn to the world’s radio stations

One of the things I miss, as a Californian in France, is my “comfort music.” Like an old song that would come on the radio and take me back to my first slow dance. Or Mexican music — part of … Continue reading

16. November 2012 by Pam
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Postagram sends Grandma a pretty postcard from your phone

Which is exactly what I did. The first time I used Postagram, it was to send my 92-year-old grandmother in California a picture of the Eiffel Tower all bathed in pink that I’d published on Instagram. Yes, I walk by three … Continue reading

27. October 2012 by Pam
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