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For now, please e-mail your app suggestions to us: cowgirlapp at gmail dot com.

We review iOS apps and Android apps.

We will only review apps that charm our socks off or make us cringe.

We’re not big into games, so it has to be special. No little characters jumping over walls and abysses please. (Yawn.) And no hitting. Or shooting.

Developers: If you’re the developer, please say so. Please include a link where your app can be purchased, your website, your Twitter, what devices it works on, etc. If it costs money, we’ll take a look, and if we’re interested in looking more closely, we’ll ask you for a redeem code.

Readers: You can just send us the name of the app and any other info you think might help (iPhone, Android).

We may review apps for which we have received promotional codes. This doesn’t affect our opinions. Promise.