Songkick just told me how I can fill the music shaped hole in my heart

Chris Garneau is playing in Paris on December 13th. I won’t be able to go, as I’m blowing my wad on a trip to the City of Light for some little geek conference next week, and we’re really getting too close to Xmas for me to squeeze in another. But for once, I know where one of my favorite artists is going to be playing before tickets sell out, or the concert is long over and done with.

I live in a village in the Ardèche region, which comparatively speaking, in regards to Paris, is quite sparsely populated. Nobody in their right mind tours here, so my live music appetite has long been on a strict diet of local bands and street buskers. There aren’t a lot of either that do it for me. I grew up in Austin, the city that touts itself as live music capital of the world, and not knowing when the bands I love are playing nearby is a big downside to this French life that I’ve chosen.

Songkick is kicking my live music problem in the ass.

I don’t have a lot to say about this app, but consider that a good thing. Songkick is not an app that you spend a lot of time with, but the little time you spend on it can enrich your life, by letting you know of upcoming live music to be heard and fun to be had. Using it is simple:  you download it, it scans your phone’s music library, and it tells you where, and when, the bands that you listen to are going to be playing at nearby venues. You can manually add artists, or follow along with all upcoming shows for a city, or multiple cities. That’s it, pure and simple. Now, tell me that you don’t need an app like this in your life.

screenshot [songkick] app review screenshot [songkick] app review screenshot [songkick] app review
Devices: iOS, Android
Cost: Free
Songkick on the App Store
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28. November 2012 by Sam
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