SOLAR, because even crappy weather should be pretty weather

At least once a week I look at the weather in San Diego (because I’m a masochist), and I look at the weather on Guam because my son’s there, and I occasionally check a few other cities where people I care about live. Till now I’ve had all these places stored in my iPhone’s built-in Weather app, which is simple and efficient but, if you ask me, it’s not nearly pretty enough to be an Apple thingy. Solar, on the other hand, is. And I really do insist on pretty and functional whenever possible. (I may just be the Martha Stewart of apps…)

Solar is delicious to look at and use. The colors of the tiles for each location subtly suggest what the weather is like. It’s a pleasure to play with the pretty blocks. And a few gestures go a long way.

SOLAR uses your location to find your city to start with. To add more locations, double tap the screen and tap the plus sign that appears (top right). To delete a city, tap and hold on the tile when you’re in multi-location view. When you’re in fullscreen view, tap and hold to share your weather on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (if you’re in Tahiti, you may as well brag, right?).

The developers chose not to burden us with things like wind chill and humidity. Instead, in the settings (gear icon in multi-location view), you can turn on “Feels Like” and those factors are accounted for in the temperature displayed for the location. For example, even though it’s 85° F on Guam right now, the “feels like” temp is 92° (very humid place!).

In fullscreen view, swipe down for a three day forecast (highs and lows), swipe up for an hourly forecast of the coming day or so. Swipe right to see other cities full screen. If you’re in multi-location view, swiping right will show all your location tiles.

Now all you have to do is go to Tahiti.

screenshot SOLAR app reviewscreenshot SOLAR app reviewscreenshot SOLAR app reviewscreenshot SOLAR app review
Devices: iOS
Cost: 0.99$
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