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I’m old enough to remember when we got a Polaroid camera, when it was the hottest new gadget. The sound it made when it spit the photo out, my dad waving the not-yet-picture around in the air to dry it, the smell of the chemicals, and the magic of seeing the picture appear. I have ancient pics with names and dates scribbled on that thick strip of paper at the bottom. The magic was surely hidden under that strip. You knew you couldn’t rip it apart or the picture would be destroyed. What is under there anyway…?

Printic is one of many services, like Postagram, that will send out hard copies of your digital photos. But Printic adds an extra nostalgic touch. The prints you order from them have a wide white band at the bottom, like a Polaroid. To test the product, I did the usual: sent pics to myself and three little old ladies in my family who otherwise never see my photos.

Here’s where it starts to get disappointing. I pick a photo, and the app prompts me to order multiple copies. So I spin the “record” (whatever that has to do with anything) to “4″ since I’m sending it to four people. Then I have the option to add a message. No information about where this message will appear (I assume it’ll be on the white strip, or the back of each photo). No information about extra cost. So I write a message. Then I enter the addresses of the four people, and check out, thinking I have ordered four prints. Suddenly I am paying €7.90, which includes the 50% discount for a first order, when prints are .79€ each. Hmmmm… But OK, whatever, I go for it. I’m testing, after all. It’s for the cause.

When I get my order, I have four glossy (and rather flimsy) pics  plus one print of the message. And my mom and grandmother and mother-in-law got four each too. And a message.

I asked the developers to explain what had happened before I received my order, and they told me I was the only person who had been confused. But what you need to know, dear reader, and especially dear app developers, is this fact: when software is inadequate, users tend to think they are the problem. Badly designed software makes ordinary users feel stupid. This is never good. User embarrassment is probably the reason these particular developers hadn’t heard any other negative feedback. Tech bloggers, however, know the difference and aren’t afraid to say so. One should listen to them…

Printic is fine, and I did use it again. The second time, though, I had all the pics sent to myself. You see, there’s a three-print minimum, but the app doesn’t explain if the minimum can be three different pictures or has to be all the same picture. Or if it’s minimum three per recipient. Didn’t want to take any chances… Printic is brand new, so I’m sure once they make their instructions clearer, they’ll be a great little service. And it is a verrry pretty little app and nice to use.

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Devices: iPhone
Cost: Free
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03. January 2013 by Pam
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  1. Hey.
    Thank you so much for this great & detailed review.
    I read it with attention, and we will take your remarks into account.
    I am happy to read that your overall experience was great !


  2. I ordered 9 pictures but never received them. My credit card got charged though so I know printic received the order. I contacted printic through the only way they suggest which is responding to the confirmation email, no reply and I get a notification from google that the email does not exist. Can someone explain what happened here?

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