Pictarine, like nectarine, because staying connected has suddenly become sweeter

I met Guillaume a couple of weeks ago at a party for LeWeb. (If you click that link, you’ll see how cute he is.) Oh, but keep reading, here, if you want to know why he’s a genius.

Ladies, face it we’re (nearly) all on Facebook these days. Some of us do Twitter. And then there’s Instagram. Oh, while you may not be on Google+, I am a shameless addict.  And then there’s trusty old Flickr…and I personally can’t survive anymore without Dropbox.  There are so many social networks and apps in which photo sharing plays a major role, but time, lawdy mercy, time is not on our side. Many of my friends and family are on one or two of those networks, and while some overlap, I am obliged to check in via each social network if I want to keep up to date with their latest doings and musings. (And pet photos.) Just talking about this tires me. (Yawn, eyeroll, nap?)

And that is where the genius of Guillaume comes in. Guillaume cooked up a delicious little app called Pictarine. With Pictarine I can browse the photos from one app. I can comment, Favorite+1, and Like to my little heart’s content. And since it shows one single stream from the multiple social networks I use, it’s a true timesaver. And the interface is pretty. Now I can keep in touch (and even save playlists of my favorite photos of my nieces and nephews). I’m planning on using the time that Pictarine saves me for other Cowgirly things. Like yoga. And bubble baths. With wine.

screenshot pictarine app review screenshot pictarine app reviewscreenshot pictarine app review
Devices: Android
Cost: Free
Pictarine: Your Social Photos on Google Play

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