Photopoll: because the people whose opinions you want are never there when you need them

So there I was, dropping off a package I needed to mail at an optical shop. (This is France, don’t even ask.) And, since I’m getting tired of the glasses I’ve been wearing for seven or eight years (even though they are Chanel), I decided to try on some frames while I was at it. Of course my husband wasn’t there, and no girlfriend had come along on my errand, and one does like to get a second opinion. So I took pictures of myself in several frames to show the man later. I also posted my favorite pair on Path, to see if any girlfriends would have an opinion.

Husband hated them all, and only one girlfriend responded (positively) on Path. So that whole plan was a bust. Then along came a new app called Photopoll, so I thought I’d run my glasses by the masses (since The Crowd is known for its impeccable taste).

I added three pics to my poll, but only two showed up, which sucks (but it’s a bug, these things happen with new apps), and you can’t go in and edit your polls. You can delete them though, if you’re suddenly embarrassed when you realize you’ve published pictures of yourself wearing a wacky getup and no make-up (tap the share icon in the upper right corner when you’re in your poll because that’s logical).

Once you choose your pics, you tap the Share button (not the same as the share icon but in the same place, on a different page), and your poll is published to the Photopoll network of total strangers. Of course you can follow them, and they can follow you, and you can all become buddies like with everything else. Or not. You can choose to share your poll on Twitter or Facebook at the same time, or after it’s been published (using that share icon I mentioned).

Within an hour there was a little number 1 in a heart on one of my pics. A woman named Annikki Laine had decided she liked those frames. And then some guy with a Finnish last name hearted the same pair. I may be onto something. Or not.

There could be some fun uses for this, and maybe even practical ones (out scouting a location for your parents’ 50th anniversary party and want opinions from your family?). I think I’ll keep my account open for now, just for kicks.

screenshot Photopoll app reviewscreenshot Photopoll app reviewscreenshot Photopoll app reviewscreenshot Photopoll app review

Devices: iOS
Cost: Free
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25. January 2013 by Pam
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  1. Hey Pam,
    Since my memory is going…and I have about 50 millon passwords…the bank, facebook, yahoo, shopping sites and the like…and because they all have their own rules…limit to 8 charactors, must have at least one number, case sensitive, non-case sensitive….do you recommend a free, safe, password protected, password safe?
    And keep your old glasses, even though the others looked great!

    • Hi Cindy! I have been meaning to look into this myself for the same reasons. It’s out of control! I only know for sure that 1Password is the one people seem to like, and Apple thought it was a top 20 app of 2012:

      But it’s not free! I’ll look into it more. But I’m not sure I’d trust my passwords to just any app. They’d have to ensure really secure cloud storage, or guarantee that my info stayed on my phone… I’ll get back to you on this!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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