Not thrilled that I wear a size 90 bra in France but at least now I know: Unisize

Since I first traveled to Europe in the 80s, the EU came up with standard clothing sizes because every damn country practically had its own system. I shouldn’t complain, since the US is like one of the last two countries on earth not using the metric system, which drives everybody else on the planet nuts. But can I just say that one of the things I hate about living in France is wearing a size 90 bra? Psychology and all that. To hell with the metric system.

Despite the existence of standard EU sizes, labels here are still often about five inches long because they have an itsy bitsy chart showing a bunch of countries’ different sizes. So, if you like reading charts, you can usually figure out your size in Europe. But I have a better idea: get Unisize.

This nifty little app lets you easily convert your sizes to those of major European countries, EU and international standards, and Japan. Better yet, it also lets you store your sizes and other people’s, so you can bring home goodies from your trip abroad. You can also store everybody’s favorite color. I love that they included ring sizes. My absolute favorite kind of souvenir.

Tap the flag at the top or bottom to open the flag selector. Drag to line up your flags. Tap the people icon (lower right) to add size info for yourself and others. You can manually add people or add them from your phone’s Contacts. Set their default country by tapping the country abbreviation (bottom center). Once you’ve entered all sizes, you tap and choose a different country and everything’s converted.

Just so you know, the app is free to download, but you only get pants. You have to pay $1.99 to get everything. Considering that I’m always shopping for people back home in the States, it was worth it for me. And I really wanted that ring size converter anyway…

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Devices: iOS
Cost: Free, but $1.99 for full pack of items
Unisize on the App Store

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