I don’t think I’ll be making Daily Yoga my Yogini (although I sorely need one!)

I need to relax. Really. So I downloaded a few yoga apps a while back. And then I deleted the ones that immediately stressed me out, which is, well, all of them, except for Daily Yoga, which at first glance seemed pretty cool. And it has good reviews. I was really hopeful, until I actually tried to use the app.

I have insomnia at times, and last night it hit me hard. I didn’t fall asleep until 7 this morning. (Cranky Sam!) Naturally, I thought a day like today would be a perfect time to put the app to good use. So I took a little chill time this afternoon, and got (or tried to get) my yoga on.

I opened the app, and there was this invitingly chill background music: nice. And the app is pretty: score. And there are little videos to take you through the poses, which I liked. It really seemed (at first) to me that this app was just what the doctor ordered. Okay, so there’s a Facebook connect, and a community, which I don’t care about having. (Honestly, who on earth needs another social network?) But I connected, like a good girl. None of my Facebook friends were found to be using it, so I quickly moved on. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be using a yoga app to find new buds, right?

I opened “Start Training,” hoping to get my yoga-zen on with the videos. Dolphin (my trainer’s name) led me through some sitting poses for my abs and I realized, oops, where do I put my phone so I can see the video? (It ended up on my stomach, where it kept wobbling and falling onto the floor, which was very unzen). In all fairness, that isn’t the app’s fault, but it does point to a flaw in trying to use your phone for Yoga. (Duh.) I did the ab poses, and then I wanted to do some others, but had to go onto Google Play from within the app, and download them during my yoga routine, which also seems decidedly anti-zen. But no worries, I’m a trooper! I downloaded, and saluted the sun and downward dogged like there was no tomorrow. And I was just warming up! So I wanted to do something more advanced.

Oops. Yuck. I was prompted (in the middle of my yoga moment) to get a monthly paid subscription in order to unlock the advanced poses. Again, I was not feeling the zen, rather the pull on my wallet to do its own yoga routine.

Oh, and the music? I referred to that earlier. Six tracks are included in the freebie version. I am guessing that you get more with your subscription. Honestly, I had a minor migraine by the time I was done with my “moment of zen” and didn’t stick around long enough to find out. I had more relaxing tasks at hand to get to, like laundry, and dishes.

I know that app developers work, and yes, I believe that they should earn money from what they do. But I don’t appreciate it when I download a “free app,” only to see that the goal of a free app is to get me to pay, not even once for the app, but a frecking month long or year (paid for up front) subscription. I feel pulled in, duped. Only this time we couldn’t even call it a bait and switch, since I hadn’t bitten.

Nice try Daily Yoga, but I’m a little stressed out after using (or being used by?) you.

screenshot daily yoga app reviewscreenshot daily yoga app reviewscreenshot daily yoga app reviewscreenshot daily yoga app review
Devices: Android
Cost: Free, and then $3.99/month, or $24.99/year
Daily Yoga on Google Play

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08. January 2013 by Sam
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  1. Wow, interesting. Haven’t seen to many apps on the subscription model – didn’t know that was possible yet, so at least one good came out of this experience :oD thanks for that tidbit!

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