I could wile away the hours… taking movie trivia quizzes with Trailerpop

I got so disgusted with the “We Saw Your Boobs” number, and the fact that the smug little twirp game show host they hired to MC the Oscars pointed out Jennifer Aniston’s “exotic” dancing past, that I turned off this year’s misogynistic Academy Awards before it was half over. I hadn’t seen a single one of the nominated films anyway. (I don’t think that’s ever happened to me.) But a few days later I opened Trailerpop to watch the trailers of the nominees — and answered trivia questions at the same time. (I mostly sucked, but it’s amazing how much you absorb from the ambient noise… I did better on The Wizard of Oz which I’ve seen 8 million times, of course.)

The home page opens to an enticing grid of categories, from “Film Noir” to “Jodie Foster.” If you’re a cinephile, you should enjoy seeing all those classic trailers and testing yourself. At the bottom of that page, you can tap “All Categories” to see a list if you prefer that view. Or you could tap Movielists to see the lists of total strangers (why?). Or you can search. I searched for “Slingblade,” just to see how the search worked, but they didn’t have the trailer, which struck me as odd (since it was an Oscar winner) and made me question the legitimacy (and future) of this app…

Tap your category and pick a movie from the list. When the trailer starts, multiple-choice questions start popping up. Tap the right answer before the slider reaches the right!

You have a profile, where you can see your score and create lists (favorites, movies to see, custom lists, etc.). In your profile, if you logged in with Facebook, you can share all your lists, scores etc. with your pals within the game. I was really only interested in the quizzes and seeing the trailers, though.

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Devices: iOS (Android coming soon)
Cost: Free
Trailerpop on the App Store

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21. March 2013 by Pam
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