High or Low (Drinking Game) for Tequila shots, because inside nearly every Cowgirl is a Badgirl

I live in a country known for its culture of pragmatic moderation, but every now and then I’m bored, with friends, and we want to be bad. I’ve taught a few of my French friends how to throw a decent white trash party, with jello shooters and corndogs to boot. We’ve done Soirée Tacos with Mariachi, Margaritas, and Mexican Martinis. For my 30th birthday I made them all dress up as old people (while I dressed as a princess) and we enjoyed a lovely wine tasting with a sommelier. (The spit bucket didn’t get the quantity of use that he had so primly planned.) And don’t get me started on the hilarity that is poker night, which spurred me to join a poker club, since the boys over there are serious about the game, and play sober.

But sometimes, I’m just not feeling that creative. Sometimes I just want to be mindless, and slur my words while buzz-bonding with a couple of girlfriends. Sometimes I just want to get my Tequila (or whatever) on.

High or Low (Drinking Game) is fairly decent for that. It’s so mindlessly simple, which is why you’ll feel comfortable playing, clumsily fumbling the app throughout whatever blackouty stupory state you plan (or didn’t) to achieve. Tap the screen, and you’re shown a card. Bet whether the next card shown is going to be higher, or lower. Bottoms up!

screenshot highorlow (drinking game) app review screenshot highorlow (drinking game) app review screenshot highorlow (drinking game) app review
Devices: Android
Cost: Free
High or Low (Drinking Game) on Google Play

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18. December 2012 by Sam
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