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I’m easily amused. I admit it. One of my favorite games, as an American living here in France, is to play around with chichés and idioms, literally translating them from one language to the other. I’ve asked my nearly all of my French friends (at least once) if they have let the cat out of the bag, or if they want a knuckle sandwich. When I go home to the US to visit, I like to play with the French sayings, for example, when referring to a lost cause, I might remark, “It would be more worthwhile to pee in a violin.” And yes, that’s a real saying.

What can I say? I have a very dorky, base sense of humor. And living amongst the French, sometimes I need to take a breather from all of my cultural immersion, where I can find a pointless moment of silliness. And that’s where I say that, I say nothing comes in.

The app really is utterly pointless. I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would use it. And here I am, in quiet moments of lulling train rides and crowded doctor’s office waiting rooms, opening it, reading it, and amusing myself in solitary dry mockery. Basically the app is a series of idioms that are translated quite literally from French to English. And if I feel like it, I can go online and add some of my own, or vote on those of others. (But I’m too lazy for that.) But reading them is kind of fun, and has a strange soothing effect upon me. After ten years here in France, and living a quite integrated life  it does teach me a couple of expressions that I didn’t know. In backwards English, however, and with giggles. Then I come home and ask my Frog husband what the sacré bleu they mean.
screenshot I Say That I Say Nothing app reviewscreenshot I Say That I Say Nothing app reviewscreenshot I Say That I Say Nothing app review
Devices: Android
Cost: Free
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Samantha Villenave is an artist, translator, and art blogger. She lives in southern(ish) France and sometimes Paris. She spends way too much time on the internet.

13. December 2012 by Sam
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  1. Bonjour Sam, I love it!

  2. Hi,

    I thought I was the only one. I manage to have my friends in stitches every now and again with a literal translation of a good few French insults (not to be repeated here).

    Alternatively, I regularly like to tell my partner that ‘ce n’est pas la science d’une roquette’.

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