France is a nice place to visit but you don’t have to live here with Fotopedia France

If you’re a hardcore francophile, you get all gooey at the mere thought of pretty little postcard France, with its castles, and cute little old dudes tossing pétanque balls in village squares, and long-legged, long-haired bombshell brunettes with couture handbags in the streets of Paris. It’s all true. France does look like a postcard. And Paris does look like a fashion magazine, albeit one with dog poo on the sidewalks. If you love France, you can carry some luscious France porn around with you in your phone with Fotopedia France and fantasize all you want in a safe-for-work kind of way.

Fotopedia is a free, online photographic encyclopedia, as you can probably guess, and the France app is one of several (to download the others from within the France app, scroll down to the bottom of the home page and tap Previews).

Play with the icons on the left side to launch a slideshow (but you can’t go back to where you started if you change your mind unless you close the app and reopen it), add a favorite pic to a list (or create a new list), see a place on a map, get historical background, and search for a particular region (drill down to more specific locations).

The copyright symbol at the bottom right gives you the photographer’s name, and you can tap the arrow at the right of the name to see more of his or her work. From there, there are more options. And what would any app be these days without sharing features? Plus you can choose a Frenchy wallpaper!

These are just the main features, but you can figure out the rest. It’s not the kind of thing you need to be all goal-oriented about anyway. Why not make it a vacation?

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Devices: iOS
Cost: Free
Fotopedia France on the App Store

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