Q: What is an app?

A: No laughing! We met an educated, professional woman in her 40s who said “I have a smartphone, but I don’t really know what an app is.” So. Microsoft Word is a program on your computer that lets you create documents. Apps are programs on your smartphone (or tablet) that let you do all kinds of things. Simple as that.

Q: Why should I even care about apps?

A: Because even though the iPhone came out just a few years ago (2007), mobile tech has already revolutionized the way many people live. It will become an essential element of our way of being. If you wait another five years before you wake up and smell the tech, you won’t even recognize the world you live in. So saddle up.

Q: Isn’t this kind of thing for geeks?

A: We don’t accept the distinction between “Internet” and “real life.” For us (and a lot of people), tech is real life. We are enriched by the very real pleasures and treasures we discover and share with you here. Whether people like it or not, to some degree, we will all find ourselves integrating into our lives the tools and toys that used to belong exclusively to geeks…

Q: Why do you sometimes review apps that I can’t get or that aren’t in English?

A: It’s about inspiration. Maybe we’ll review something that doesn’t exist in English and some intrepid entrepreneur will make an English version! Or maybe we’ll review a fun educational app in French that will give an English-speaking teacher an idea for a real-world classroom project. Ya never know. Inspiration is everywhere.

Q: What’s with the Doritos and armpits?

A: Did you ever see the South Park episode about WoW? That.

Q: Why are you in France?

A: We both happened to run into a couple of cowgirl-lovin’ frogs. They turned out to be princes.

Q: How dare you call yourselves cowgirls?

A: Cowgirl is an attitude.