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Thank gawd for ALL CAPS, right? They really come in handy for sms bickering and comic strips. But they are rather rude. I’ve seen some people use *asterisks* when they want to be emphatic. You kind of have to do something, since we are so severely limited by all the wimpy, generic little update boxes we’re forced to type stuff into on our various sites and so on. Of course, you can always get some attention by sticking what you have to say on a cute cat picture.

But now you can shout out loud and proud with Boldomatic, which is utterly useless, but fun. And cowgirls just wanna have fun sometimes.

Click the pencil icon to compose, pick a background color, type your outburst (or very short poem, or whatever) and tap Post. (Note that the text does shrink if you want to write a slightly longer message.) Then you get the option of saving your loud, square message to your camera roll, tweeting it, and facebooking it. It automatically goes into the public Boldomatic gallery (eyeball icon), where other users can see it, like it, repin it, and follow you. They can also reshare your message on the social sites.

Honestly, I think trying to create a community around this is a real stretch but, hey, you never know what’s gonna work. At the moment, most of the messages in the gallery are sayings we’ve all heard a million times or they’re just gross. What is it with people?

Boldomatic also has a launch game going on where you use the word “bold” in your message and the community votes for the best one. No idea what you “win,” and the problem with voting is you have to slog through a lot of garbage to find anything clever. But we’ll give ‘em points for trying to engage their users.

screenshot boldomatic app reviewscreenshot boldomatic app reviewscreenshot boldomatic app review
Devices: iPhone
Cost: Free
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23. November 2012 by Pam
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