Every girl needs as many little helpers as she can get: Timegg

You know how your husband says “Can you remind me tomorrow that I need to ____ ?” and you’re like “Yeah right,” because you’re already drowning in your own masses of details and pressures and can hardly think straight yourself? I’ve learned to outsource some of my cerebral surplus to my tech tools, like my to-do app Doris, whom I adore because she doesn’t nag me about things. But every now and then you do need a gentle nudge, which is where Timegg comes in.

Timegg is very gentle with you, which is essential for a high-strung girl like me. The alert sounds are subtle and the app itself is exceedingly easy on the eyes. And it’s painless to use. There are four types of reminders you can set: D-Day for important due dates, Reminder for any old thing, Alarm for recurring or one-time events, and Timer.

Can I just share my ecstasy about the timer? You can have eight of them going at once. That’s enough to cook a Thanksgiving dinner. And you can even label them: turkey, potatoes, white trash green bean and fried onions and Campbell’s soup casserole… (Well, probably not enough space for that last one.)

I’m planning an event and need a final headcount by the 15th. I put that in D-Day. My dog (Wiley) needs his shots in February: Reminder. We have a regular Cowgirl video-conference at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesdays, so I set an Alarm for 8:45, which gives me enough time to brush my hair and fill up my teacup. The thing I time the most often is rice, so I created a RICE timer (20 minutes), that I just tap to start.

You will hear the sounds even if you’ve got the sound button off, but note that you have to have your volume up! You can choose to show truncated or longer versions of the labels you assign. You also have a vibrate instead of sound option, and some other tweaks. These are in Settings (tap the little gear icon in the upper right corner).

You can change the sounds for every alert. To edit a specific alert, tap and hold on the circle (note, the alert has to be OFF to edit). The sound I chose for my weekly Cowgirl App! meeting alarm? COW MOO, of course.

screenshot Timegg app reviewscreenshot Timegg app reviewscreenshot Timegg app reviewscreenshot Timegg app reviewscreenshot Timegg app reviewscreenshot Timegg app review
Devices: iOS
Cost: $0.99
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