Elevatr is not about big buildings, it’s about big ideas. Yours.

So how many times a year do you have one of those million-dollar ideas? For me it’s about five. (Although I’m still not a millionaire, so something is not quite right…) My latest one (a week ago) was to create an agency that provides traveling companions, like the ones rich old ladies had in the old days because, in one corner you have so many well-off, aging Boomers who aren’t ready to sit forever on the porch, but maybe could use a little help traipsing around Europe on trains (like my 78 year-old mother-in-law is attempting to do as we speak), and in the other corner you have so many young college grads who might want free trips to cool places and some easy money when they realize their only employment options are barista or barista. Symbiosis. Right? (Feel free to take this idea and run with it.)

So anyway. If, like me, you’re always having those light-bulb moments, you should have Elevatr on your phone to help you sketch out your big plan.

The app is built around the main sections that appear in a typical business plan. I guess the idea is if you can put something in all of these sections, you’re onto something. It’s a great place to start, in any case, and could be a useful visual aid if you’re trying to explain your concept to someone.

To add a project, tap the Star Trek symbol-looking icon (got a better description?) at the top right of the screen. This takes you straight to “The idea,” where you write your “Elevatr” pitch. Tap the other sections to open the list of subheaders and add content to each. You can always go back and add content by tapping. You can add photos under any section except “The idea.”

This is a nice-looking, zero-learning-curve app. They’ll be adding sharing and collaboration in the near future so you can work with the other members of your team.

It would be nice if you could send your mini-biz-plan by e-mail so that you could use it as an outline for the real thing…

screenshot Elevatr app reviewscreenshot Elevatr app reviewscreenshot Elevatr app reviewscreenshot Elevatr app review

Devices: iOS
Cost: Free
Elevatr on the App Store

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  1. For people searching for an Android alternative to keep track of your ideas, you can try out my free app called: Idea Growr.

    Store your ideas on your phone, add notes, e-mail export/feedback and a super simple interface.


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