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If you spend a lot of time using social media, you’re constantly being badgered to sign petitions, support crowdfunded projects, donate donate donate… Venturing into our social apps is sometimes like stepping into another universe and suddenly being surrounded by dozens of big-eyed, hungry children holding out their hands to us. It can be exhausting. And yet it feels so gooood to give!

Instead is a pretty little app (love the color scheme) that can make you feel very good. The nonprofit organization — 501(c)3 status in process — has created this “micro-donation app” so you can donate the money you’d otherwise have spent on that thing you don’t really need to a number of charities. Don’t see your favorite in the list? Suggest it. Don’t have a preference? Donate directly to Instead.

You’re not required to create an account (but you can if you want receipts for taxes). You can donate as little as $1.00. At the end of every month, Instead mails checks to all the nonprofits that received donations. They keep only 5% of the donations to cover their costs. Bonus: People can give through their website too.

So next time you’re drooling in front of a shop window, take out your phone and give a little something to charity. Instead.

screenshot Instead app reviewscreenshot Instead app reviewscreenshot Instead app review
Devices: iOS
Cost: Free
Instead on the App Store

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27. October 2012 by Pam
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