Color is happy and it’s everywhere and you can collect it and use it with Color ViewFinder

If you’re into mobile photography, you’ve probably noticed that it makes you hyper aware of the world around you; all its little faults, but especially the hidden beauty. I found a seedpod in the country one summer and I wanted to decorate my living room in its color palette! With Color ViewFinder, you can capture palettes when you’re out and about (or at home), and then do whatever you will with them: make a quilt, decorate a boudoir, design a website…

Color ViewFinder is more than a sweet little toy. It will give you the RGB and hexadecimal codes of your palettes. Great for designers, crafters, decorators and other maker-type professionals and hobbyists.

The app opens to its camera view, which is mildly disconcerting for a split second, but then you get all into it and start pointing it at everything. When I opened it, I happened to be sitting on my couch in my fuschia bathrobe with my feet on a striped pink rug and I got a delicious eyeful of pinkness. Tap the flashlight in the upper left corner for light. Tap to save your palette. Swipe right to see your saved palettes. Tap and hold a saved palette to get to the info/sharing page. Here you can tap “i” for the color codes, “x” to delete it, and choose one of three sharing options.

Now go and create a palette from your kid’s crazy kindergarten artwork and send the palette to your decorator so she can redo his room, or make one from that wild print shirt you love and send it to your web designer!

screenshot Color ViewFinder app reviewscreenshot Color ViewFinder app reviewscreenshot Color ViewFinder app reviewscreenshot Color ViewFinder app review
Devices: iOS
Cost: Free
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26. February 2013 by Pam
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  1. this is a neat app. use it to match bridal party dresses, pick a paint color, and compliment your company logo in print! Fun, Fun!

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