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Surely someone can do better than The Best of French Cuisine

One thing I love about Paris is the food! Lebanese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Japanese — all within a block or two of my place. My absolute favorite is the Ethiopian. French food, you ask? Non, merci. My French husband prefers sushi … Continue reading

01. February 2013 by Pam
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I don’t think I’ll be making Daily Yoga my Yogini (although I sorely need one!)

I need to relax. Really. So I downloaded a few yoga apps a while back. And then I deleted the ones that immediately stressed me out, which is, well, all of them, except for Daily Yoga, which at first glance … Continue reading

08. January 2013 by Sam
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Get your Frog on with I say that, I say nothing

I’m easily amused. I admit it. One of my favorite games, as an American living here in France, is to play around with chichés and idioms, literally translating them from one language to the other. I’ve asked my nearly all … Continue reading

13. December 2012 by Sam
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Fatbooth is my dirty little secret

I was always thin, skinny even, no matter what I ate, until a few years ago when I gained about 40 pounds. It was a very difficult period for me, not so much because of the weight, but because of … Continue reading

30. November 2012 by Sam
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