As if I can remember the last time I had my teeth cleaned! But Time Flies remembers for me.

I have Too Much Information to deal with, and my memory is getting flakier by the day (because of age, or outsourcing my brain functions to digital tools, or both). So I honestly couldn’t tell you when I last saw my GYN or any number of things like that. A bit risky to forget the things you really should do at certain intervals…

In the States, I often got (usually inappropriately perky) reminders from doctors and dentists: “Time for your ______!” Here in France, however, only the vet sends me a postcard when it’s time for my dog’s shots. You’re apparently on your own for the medical stuff. So I started using Time Flies, which is the only app I’ve found that’s designed to help you keep track of just this kind of thing (things my to-do app and calendar don’t manage so well). You could also use Time Flies to keep track of things you maybe think you do too much or not enough (but I think Bean might be more fun for that, if you don’t need a detailed history).

Time Flies is clean and simple, which is all it needs to be. Tap the plus sign to add an event (past, present, or future). Set a reminder if you want to (very handy when you have to do things at odd intervals).

When the day of your next (whatever) appointment finally arrives, tap the event name on the main page to go to the event page. There, simply tap the refresh icon (circular arrow). The event is updated to that day, and your history is saved.

You can bookmark things that are important or recur frequently. You can search for events by name. You can e-mail yourself all of your event info in CSV format. To delete an event, tap Edit on the home screen.

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Devices: iOS
Cost: $0.99
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